Packaging: New Entries from The Box Brand Design Limited and Miresball

The latest entry for the Packaging 10 competition is from The Box Brand Design Limited, a design firm from Hong Kong. Influenced by traditional Chinese window grilles, “NWD Mooncake 2018” (above), the design was developed for New World Development Company Ltd. and their moon cakes for VIP gifting. The box was infused with cultural significance not only through the window pattern, but also through the use of the color red, a symbolic color of inspiration. The moon-shaped paperboard inside the box brings the packaging together as the moon-rabbit, a traditional Chinese image, is seen leaping on the surface of the moon. The Box Brand Design Ltd. has created a modern and fresh look for moon cake packaging that aims to instill hope and desire during Chinese festivities.

From the U.S., Miresball developed a variety of colorful designs for sparkling seltzer in their latest entry. Entitled “Brizzy Seltzer Cocktail Packaging” (above), the design is both eye-catching and instantly recognizable. The dot motif serves as a representation of sparkling seltzer and creatively combines the name of the cocktail flavors with a refreshing color. With their entry for Packaging 10, Miresball successfully presents a fun idea and a memorable concept that demands the viewer’s attention.

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Author: Graphis

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