New Talent: New Entries from University Students Marcus Lim and Craig Moscony

Student Marcus Lim from the School of Visual Arts entered a seven-part series for the New Talent Annual 2020. Entitled “Terminal 5” (above), Lim focused on creating a distinct identity for the music venue with the support of Instructor David Frankel. Lim drew attention to the ‘5’ of Terminal 5 to create a graphic line that encompasses all the key details concert-goers want to know. The multi-leveled theater is represented by the stacks, surrounded by Lim’s line. His unique design is adaptable to any surface and layout so that posters and advertisements are easily recognizable. Audiences can find the who, when, and where with ease due to the clean-cut look of the graphic.

From the Tyler School of Art, Instructor Kelly Holohan and student Craig Moscony submit a video entry for the New Talent Annual 2020. Entitled “Night and Day” (above), Moscony creates an animated depiction of two outcasts, a bird and a bat, who find love in each other after being refused by their peers. Ella Fitzgerald’s song ‘Night and Day’ adds a crucial element to the video through its jazzy accompaniment. The bold colors and the simplistic visuals of the characters are inspired by the unmistakable designs of the jazz era. Moscony’s entry is an excellent example of how music can bring a work of art to life.

Take the opportunity to submit your best student work to the New Talent Annual 2020 competition HERE!

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