Gold-Winning Photo by Christopher Wilson + Stephen Guenther New Entry

Graphis Master Christopher Wilson once again presents his mastery of subject and color with his Gold-winning entry for the Photography Annual 2019. This is his second project for Amelia Island Tourism. Entitled “Black is Beautiful” (above), his use of yellow complements his subject, model Sara Naomi, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. His subject stands out while dressed in white, using the floral headpiece as a focal point. With this entry, Christopher Wilson showcases the warm beauty of the model in a simple, yet entrancing work of art.

The latest entry for the Photography Annual 2020 competition comes from photographer Stephen Guenther. Entitled “Street Markings” (above), the project is part of an ongoing series named ‘Twenty-Four Moments.’ The series utilizes a grid layout to display several different eye-catching markings found on the streets of Taiwan. With this entry, Guenther creates an abstract collage of vibrant colors and lines, easily missed by commuters. 

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See more of Christopher Wilson’s work here.

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