Gold-Winning Photo by Christopher Wilson + Affinity Creative Group New Entry

With his Gold-winning entry for the Photography Annual 2019, Graphis Master Christopher Wilson continues to bring humor and personality to his work. Entitled “Beautiful Frankenstein” (above), Wilson approaches the transformation of a historic plane with a distinct idea, stemming from classic literature. Photographed during Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats in northwestern Utah, he chooses to focus on ‘the belly tanker,’ often referred to as a lakester. They were previously used as fuel tanks on World War II fighter planes. After the war, they were broken apart and welded together to form open-wheeled land torpedoes.

For this photograph, Wilson marvels at the ingenuity and madness it must’ve taken to make, what he considers to be, ‘beautiful Frankensteins.’ Influenced by the idea of Dr. Frankenstein being into car racing, Wilson refers to the land torpedo as a unique ‘speed monster.’ The photograph captures both the old and the new, as the WWII relic stands the test of time through the modern age.

"1000 Stories" - An ad for Fetzer Vineyards by Affinity Creative Group.

The latest entry for the Photography Annual 2020 comes from Affinity Creative Group, based in California. For their client, Fetzer Vineyards, the agency approached the project with the goal of encouraging millennials and other alcohol consumers to change their drink of choice. The featured alternative is titled “1000 Stories” (above), the first bourbon barrel-aged zinfandel wine.

Affinity Creative Group built a custom studio set for the project, to create the perfect look. The agency also made extensive use of composite photography, with about eight individual shots combined to achieve the ideal mood, composition, and brand registration. The photograph captures the viewer’s attention as the drink is meticulously put into focus and the background fades away. For this entry, Affinity Creative Group provides a new player in the alcohol industry with an image that highlights the full quality of their innovative drink.

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