Photo: Gold-Winning Work by Joseph Saraceno and New Entry from Affinity Creative Group

Graphis Master Joseph Saraceno wins Gold for his entry in the Photography Annual 2019. His work “Fresh Perspective” (above left) features men’s fragrances for an editorial ad. This particular image uses elements such as mirror reflections and saturated colors to create a geometric, professional still life. Despite the bold colors, the main focus of the image remains the fragrances. In his work “Stationary Studio” (above right), Saraceno promotes stationary for the everyday consumer. With his use of static objects, he creates graphic images, featuring contrasting patterns. Both works provide a captivating perspective on luxury and necessity.

The latest entry for the Photography Annual 2020 comes from Affinity Creative Group in the U.S. The agency submits a five-part series with different varietal wines, each with unique flavor profiles. Entitled “Flat Top Hills Wines, The Flavor Profile Series” (above), the agency takes each flavor of wine and represents it with various objects highlighting fruits, spices, and other miscellaneous items. For the design, they include a color palette and theme, assigned to each wine. The taste and feel of each wine is well-communicated through the photos. Affinity Creative Group successfully creates a brand campaign that attracts consumers with its compelling aesthetic.

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