Design: Gold-Winning Work by Stranger & Stranger and Yaman Hu Studio

The winners for the Design Annual 2020 competition are providing inspiration for first-time viewers and longtime designers alike. Among the Gold winners, we have Stranger & Stranger, as well as Yaman Hu Studio, both based in USA. Taking influence from different cultures, the Gold-winning work from the Design Annual 2020 prove to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Known for their packaging design and branding for popular brands of alcohol, Stranger & Stranger demonstrate their versatility from one project to the next. Entitled “Artful Dodger” (above), the company was tasked with creating the packaging design for a range of single malt scotch whisky. For their creative approach, they utilized an unexpected placement of text, meticulously placed on seemingly ripped layers of paper, to create an image of mountains.

Check out the whole project HERE.

The design of the box is sleek and reminiscent of traditional whisky packaging, while the branding and design of the individual bottles embrace both cultural and historical influences. For their Gold-winning entry, Stranger & Stranger created a luxe and memorable design for the Scottish and English malts. Stranger & Stranger won a total of eight awards for the Design Annual 2020, with six Gold and two Silver-winning entries.

For their Gold-winning entry, Yaman Hu Studio created branding for FNJI Furniture, a company based in China. FNJI is a cutting-edge brand, known for curating minimalist, retro style, furniture products. Tasked with creating branding that would help them expand the Chinese market to overseas, Yaman Hu Studio embraced the company’s retro aesthetic to develop a unique and original design. The product line was represented by a bold aesthetic, inspired by postmodernism. Entitled “FNJI” (above), Yaman Hu Studio combined the simplicity of forms and flexibility of content for the promotion of the Chinese furniture brand. This is their first entry for Graphis and we hope to see more of their work in the future.

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