Pixel 4 Phone + Kindness Over Muscular Dystrophy: Advertising 2022 Winners

Whether it’s to promote a new product or raise awareness of a cause, this week’s featured Advertising Annual winners are testaments to how thoughtful visuals and engaging marketing strategies can come together and take any project to new heights.

Pixel 4” (above) is a Gold-winning series of promotional images created in 2019 as a part of an out-of-home campaign (OOH) by 72andSunny Los Angeles to introduce Google’s newest smartphone to the public. Full of bright colors, shapes, and product photography, the American design firm made sure to center the campaign around Google’s signature colors, creating a visual language that was clearly connected to the brand while communicating the device’s range of specs in a fresh and engaging way. Launched in major cities such as Miami, Chicago, Vegas, and Los Angeles, the campaign was brought to life as digital animations across hundreds of big screens, and the result was a vibrant and colorful outdoor experience, with the OOH campaign’s consumer testing performing well across the board as well as earning excellent consideration scores.

Kindness Over Muscular Dystrophy (KindnessOverMD.org) is a nonprofit organization created by the parents of Conner Curran, who was diagnosed with Duchenne MD at age 4. The incurable disorder is characterized by progressive muscle weakness that leads to muscle degeneration, immobility, and learning disabilities. Their nonprofit’s mission is to bring together family and friends in support of charitable giving for muscular dystrophy research. To increase awareness of Duchenne MD and encourage attendance for their recent fundraising event, the organization approached the marketing agency InTouch to create a digital marketing campaign, “The Strength Within” (above). As the campaign’s theme, the organization and the team at InTouch came up with the slogan “Kind to Each Other, Fierce Against MD,” and partnered with award-winning photographer Ale Burset to convey the inner strength of children facing the disorder. 

In a pair of stirring images, the Silver-winning campaign shows two children facing the camera, their inner strength personified through their costumes of a bear and a gorilla. Next to the children, the campaign’s message is “Muscular Dystrophy can take away the ability to smile, but it can never take inner strength to fight it.” The images were accompanied by a social media campaign and custom-built AR filters, which encouraged supporters to choose their favorite fierce animal and, through the filter, “become” the animal. The fundraiser had an amazing turnout and was able to raise a record-breaking amount of $250,000 that would be directed toward medical and scientific research aimed at ending this disease.

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Author: Graphis