Finding Light in Darkness + Horse Hoofbeats: Photography 2022 Winners

Without light, it’s pretty much impossible to take photos. However, by playing with the amount of light and its use when shooting photographs, you can capture amazing shots like the ones featured in this week’s blog.

Christopher Wilson is a photographer and advertising creative with an assorted portfolio full of branding campaigns, rolling landscapes, motion photography, and striking portraits. Wilson’s Gold-winning portrait series, “Fallen Light” (above), centers around its subject Kennedi Carter, a fellow photographer who Wilson admires for her insight and ability to capture the world around her. As the series’ main theme, Wilson describes how in a world where we are constantly faced with bleak news, it’s crucial to seek happiness, hope, and light in all of the darkness. “I believe this to the marrow of my bones. As Pablo Neruda so eloquently implored, ‘We must sit at the rim of the darkness and fish for the fallen light with patience.’”

Taking the poet’s words into practice, Wilson used his camera as his fishing pole and found light in Kennedi Carter, who at 22 is the youngest photographer to ever have her work featured on the cover of Vogue. However, it’s Carter’s personal work that Wilson finds utterly captivating. Using her art as an outlet for personal expression, Carter explores the black experience through her photography, whether that be “skin, texture, trauma peace, love, or community.” The three photos of the series feature beautiful shots of Carter where she glows in each photo, her light purple hair, skin, and floral accessories standing out against the deep hues of the blue background and shadowy surroundings. 

The Remuda” (above) is a Silver-winning photograph taken by Idaho-based photographer Andy Anderson, who was inspired to begin his career in photography after discovering John Huet’s work in a copy of Communication Arts. Since then, Anderson has embarked on a path of his own, working hard and improving his craft, which has allowed him to make his mark in the editorial and fine arts fields. Drawn to the beauty of different places and people with unique stories, Anderson enjoys taking portraits and turning the outdoors, sporting life, and the western lifestyle into fascinating images. This passion soon lead Anderson to Argentina, where he captured the stunning sight of gauchos – the equivalent of South American cowboys – bringing remade horses into a corral. Taken at an angle just below the thundering horses, the photograph transports the viewer to the scene where they can nearly hear and feel the horses’ feet against the ground as they hurry past. 

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Author: Graphis