Driving is Fun + Scary Good Advertising: New Talent 2022 Winners

The student winners from our New Talent Annual presented these beloved brands from a fresh perspective, taking the usual motifs found in car or horror streaming service advertisements and giving them new meanings.

Drive Fun” (above) is a Platinum-winning campaign created by Talia Adler, a student from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School, for the American car company Mini Cooper. To embody the car’s playful nature, Adler displayed the car models on various highways, only instead of driving, the car is shown slipping down a slide, climbing the monkey bars, and balancing on a rocking beam. Against the images’ “moody” backdrops of mountain peaks, a rolling landscape, and a city at dusk, the bright colors of the Mini Coopers and playground equipment stand out immediately, turning the typical car ad on its head by taking common visual motifs of hypermasculinity and sophistication often found in car ads and giving it an unexpected youthful twist. Each of the campaign’s images is fittingly paired with the tagline “Drive Fun”, making the playfulness of the Mini Cooper so visually apparent that these two words are all you need to understand what the campaign is all about. Although the campaign was a part of a class project, Adler received feedback from her professors that she pushed the boundaries on what a car ad can look like, daring to stray away from the usual portrayal of automobile advertising by highlighting how fun the car can be to drive rather than focusing on how “fast” or “durable” it is. 

The next entry comes from Darren Yao, a graphic design student attending the School of Visual Arts. In his Silver-winning campaign concept, Yao chose to promote the streaming service, Shudder (above), which features one of the largest online collections of horror, thriller, and supernatural movies and TV shows. To showcase just how terrifying and entertaining the streamer’s programming is, the campaign shows a man presumably scared to death on his couch as his Casper-esque spirit continues to watch on, seemingly too absorbed in the movie to realize (or care) that he’s dead. The campaign’s tagline, “Scare yourself to death” underlines Jake’s choice to forgo the streamer’s usual creepy visuals by taking a more humorous approach. This not only successfully highlights Shudder as the leading horror streaming service but offers the company a funny and ironic voice that adds some fun to the brand.

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Author: Graphis