Krug Studios “Gin-spiring” Imagery for Laneway Gin

In a burst of creative brilliance, Fuze Reps and Krug Studios from the Great White North snagged a highly coveted Graphis Advertising 2023 Silver Award for “Laneway Distillers.” They concocted a potion of visual enchantment for Laneway Gin, the elite purveyor of distilled spirits. Transporting viewers into a digital realm where the Canadian Boréal Forest became a playground of magic, the photographic brainchild, aptly named “The Beauty in the Unseen,” elegantly unveiled the secret alchemy behind Laneway Gin’s extraordinary blends. The result? A stunning footprint that captures the spirit of this exceptional Canadian brand like a mixologist’s perfect pour.

Krug Studios Unveils “The Beauty In the Unseen” with Laneway Distillers

By: Steve Krug

“Laneway Distillers collaborated closely with Krug Studios to capture the story behind their unique blends, constructing a compelling visual landscape for their website and digital footprint that takes you into the wilderness of the Canadian Boréal Forest. Simply magical!”

The True North 

“At the heart of these award-winning spirits are two Canadian women with the ambition and passion for creating luxury spirits embodying their homeland’s true essence, Canada. 

“Laneway brings together traditional sustainable wild-harvested botanicals with innovative techniques and exciting contemporary botanicals, all served up in a bespoke bottle that pays homage to the shape of Canada’s iconic Loonie.”


“Our creative vision focused on bringing to life the brand ethos of ‘the beauty in the unseen’ by incorporating natural elements of the Boréal forest in a magical, surreal landscape. The lineups of the bottles are each paired with an alluring premium cocktail presentation, surrounded with botanicals that express their respective flavor notes, to create a rich and layered story. Every aspect of this assignment—from product visualization to recipe creation and propping—was considered through the lens of this storytelling. 

“The result is thematically on point and consistent with the Laneway brand visual guidelines. The whimsical, forest-themed story creates a sense of mystery and adventure. It evokes the experience of drinking Laneway’s nature-inspired spirits—bringing a little forest magic to the audience wherever they may find themselves.

“We couldn’t have done it without our incredible team—everyone brought their best artistic skills to the table; mouthwatering cocktails were crafted by food stylist Claudia Bianchi, mystery and mood elements were created by prop/set Designer Andrea McCrindle, art direction was provided by Reagan Soucie, and gorgeous lighting, composition, and photography were overseen by Steve Krug.”

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Author: Graphis