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Sip City branding by Ventress Design Works

A Spirited Transformation: Ventress Design Works’ Sip City Retail Branding

In the competitive world of retail, a store’s branding can make all the difference. When Oregon-based spirits…

Benriach campaign by Southpaw and photographer Jonathan Knowles

Benriach: Jonathan Knowles Brings Whiskey’s Flavor Notes to Life

Benriach, a renowned Speyside whiskey brand, has collaborated with Southpaw, a UK advertising agency, and photographer and…

Award-winning packaging from Harcus Design.

Designing a Taste of Brazil: Harcus Design and Spicers Paper

Let’s raise a glass to the latest award-winning design that’s bringing the spirit of Brazil to life!…

Photography: Jonathan Knowles and Tom Barnes (UK) Push Boundaries of Normalcy

These British photographers work to pay homage to the wilder side of our lives

Design: Bottle Designs from Steve Sandstrom & more

Creative Director Steve Sandstrom and Designer Trevor Thrap of Sandstrom Partners, located in Portland, Oregon, designed the…