INNOCEAN USA's new campaign for Hyundai pays tribute to the new film Spider-Man: No Way Home while connecting with fans.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Fan Art Series

Get ready to swing into action with the “Spider-Man: No Way Home Fan Art Series“, a project that put the web-slinger front and center in Hyundai’s latest advertising campaign. As Spider-Man’s popularity soared with the release of the newest movie, INNOCEAN USA saw an opportunity to connect with fans in a meaningful way. By creating a series of limited-edition posters featuring the iconic superhero alongside the sleek and futuristic IONIQ 5, the agency promoted Hyundai’s product and tapped into the passionate and dedicated fanbase of Spider-Man. Join us as we dive into the world of Marvel Comics and see how INNOCEAN USA brought the excitement of Spider-Man to life in this innovative and visually stunning campaign.

By: Berlin Burkhart

Spider-Man: No Way Home was poised to be the biggest movie release in years. So, for Hyundai’s film integration with Sony, we knew we had the opportunity to be relevant in pop culture to a worldwide audience.

“To do so, we chose to bring the product, the Hyundai IONIQ 5, into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and embedded it into the storyline of the Spider-Man trilogy. From there, we made the experience all about the fans, feeding their never-ending appetite for more content, more to discover, and more to hypothesize about. From easter eggs and additional storylines in broadcast to superfan reviews in digital channels, we fed the fan frenzy for anything and everything related to Spider-Man.

“In print, the opportunity was to do more than simply create another movie poster; it was a chance to break through by creating a collectible that was created by a fan for the fans.

“As the art director and designer, I didn’t have to imagine what fan art from the film might look like. I simply had to draw what I, as a fan, would like to see. Our fan art posters were inspired by classic comic book design, the simple graphic look, and the bold color scheme that is so well-known and beloved. Integrating the vehicle into the piece without taking anything away from Spider-Man was the key to ensuring it was loved by fans. The strong lines and angular design of the IONIQ 5 fit perfectly within this graphic art world. Ultimately, I wanted to elevate these posters from a traditional car advertisement into a piece of collectible art that Spidey fans would clamor for and want to hang in their homes.

“The limited run was only available at the film’s premiere and briefly at dealerships and disappeared in a matter of hours. This rabid demand proved that the posters rose above the level of advertising and achieved the status of pop culture appreciation we aspired to.

“In an entertainment medium where artwork is everything, it’s an honor to be recognized by an art publication as prestigious as Graphis. But as we said all along, we didn’t do it for the accolades; we did it for the fans. And their appreciation of the work meant everything.”

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Author: Graphis