Advertising: Entries by David Soames, Dustin Taylor & More

The Advertising Annual 2018 competition is only open for a few more weeks! Above and below are entries submitted to the Food & Beverage category.  

The above entry (left), submitted by David Soames and Dustin Taylor of Moroch in Texas, won a Gold Award in the Advertising Annual 2016 competition. The ad was created “as part of an ongoing effort to supply [their] many McDonald’s markets with relevant social content for their Facebook and Twitter pages, [and] we were tasked to create some engaging back to school ads for students across the country.” The ad beside it (right) won a Gold Award in Advertising Annual 2014. Submitted by John Cymbal and Brian Cusac of DRIVEN in Michigan, the series of ads depict their client’s bottle being built from an array of outdoor equipment in different settings, such as the beach shown above. See below for more!

The video above was submitted to the current Advertising Annual 2018 competition by Kevin Price of Doe Anderson Advertising, created for their client, Maker’s Mark. “Rather than drill our consumers with facts about our bourbon they may or may not care about, we engage them about things we know are of interest during key selling periods, generating greater engagement, sharing and building a feeling that Maker’s is a brand that belongs to them.”
There are only a couple of weeks left to enter work into the Advertising Annual 2018 competition! Submit your best work before it’s too late. The deadline is Tuesday, August 15, 2017.
Author: Graphis