“Circles” Exhibition by Katrin Süss at Salomon Art Gallery

Katrin Süss, an Artist living in Dresden and Berlin, is now holding an exhibition at the Salomon Art Gallery in New York from July 19th through August 3, 2017. The exhibition, titled “Circles” and curated by Rodrigo Salomon, is holding viewings on Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11:30am to 5:00pm.

According to her description of the project, “In her artistic confrontation with the color white, she wants to learn and express herself physically the elemental force of simple universal principles of order by creating objects in the form of circles and spirals.
Her installation titled “Limits” (above) is made out of metal and to bring the art to life, the visitor can not only observe but also walk through a set of topographical letters poured into steel and displayed on the floor.
Each of her works expresses a statement of her holistic worldview: The universe always strives to create perfect harmony. It will force humanity to subordinate themselves to it, or it will get along without us.”
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Author: Graphis