Photography 2018: Maya Almeida, Tony Lanz & More

The Photography Annual 2018 competition is still accepting entries! Above and below are some entries submitted from Canada.

The above portrait was shot by Maya Almeida for Gallerystock. The series, a Platinum Award-winning entry in the Photography Annual 2016 competition, “was a collaboration with Art Director Lee Coventry for the ‘Beneath the Surface’ project, which aimed to explore the individual identity and individuality of women.” See below for more!
The stunning and colorful still life of assorted foods above (left) were were submitted to the Photography Annual 2018 competition by Tony Lanz Photo, along with assistants Hugh Read and Simon Baker. The photo beside it (right), entered by Colin Faulkner, won a Gold Award in Photography Annual 2016.
There are only 13 days left to submit your work to the Photography Annual 2018 competition. The deadline is Tuesday, August 1, 2017.
The sooner you enter your work, the greater your chances of having your work published on our blog, website, and social media platforms!
Author: Graphis