Advertising Annual 2016 Spotlight Submission: Florida

florida.dunn and co Advertising Agency: Dunn & Co. | Client: Hexa Watches

Dunn & Co.’s catchy advertisement for Hexa watches is a smart, easily recognizable submission to our Advertising Annual 2016 competition. The entry, entitled Come up with Better Stories, introduces Hexa diving watches to serious divers that need a well-built instrument they can rely on.

“The Hexa K500 is durably built to withstand depths of 500 meters, which means it can take you places lesser watches can’t,” Dunn & Co. wrote on their Graphis Portfolio. “The deeper you go, the more extreme your adventures are likely to become. We brought that to life with fantastical situations that support the line, ‘Come up with better stories.'” The client loved the work and extended it across the brand.

Dunn & Co. is a full-service advertising agency based in Tampa, Florida. They handle marketing, brand strategy, and design. The company has been working with major health care companies for nearly a decade, becoming experts at distilling complex information to consumer speak.

Dunn & Co. is a consistent Graphis winner, with 2 Platinums to their name, in addition to 5 Silvers, 9 Golds, and 3 Merits.

82 Advertising Agency: Dunn & Co. | Client: Hexa Watches

The Graphis Advertising Competition features some of the most compelling and influential design of the year from across the world. Gold and Platinum awards, along with winning entries, will be published in the Advertising Annual 2016. Submit your work to the competition here.

Author: Rachel Lowry

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