The World of Cultural Symbols and Stamps: Design 2023 Silver Winners

Dive Deep into the World of Urban Symbols

Exhibition branding can often be quite complex. For the annual “FEEEEL MACAU 2021” (above), organized by the Macau Poster Design Association, Loksophy Design Ltd. employed their creative abilities to design for the “Symbol of the City” theme. Featuring three exhibition spaces, “Discover,” “Think,” and “Experience,” the exhibition showcases various interviews with experts from coin designers, to artists, to Macau directors to discuss the “New Vision of Urban Symbols.” Examples are provided to the public to explore the diversity of symbols and the role they play in local lives.

Drawing from the code of Macau, “Paragon,” the design of the exhibition focuses on a unifying, flowing “Receipt,” which captures the city’s identity and helps to illustrate the culture of its people. As a primary graphic element, the receipt provides a natural visual that directs viewers through the event and all associated experiential project components, such as signage and tickets. Incorporating information content allows the graphics to take on multiple meanings while still being captivating and eye-catching. Through its practical applications, the public can interpret the different symbols easily and appreciate how they fit into the lives of Macau’s inhabitants.

Stamps That Celebrate Swiss Culture

The Swiss Post commissioned Res Eichenberger Design to design a stamp representing Switzerland’s cultural diversity and to commemorate Pro Patria’s centennial celebration of the 1 August badge in 2022. The 1 August badge, which symbolizes the Swiss people’s commitment to assist one another, has been sold by Swiss Post branches and volunteers, with proceeds benefiting social projects, education, the advancement of women in society, and many other initiatives. Today, Pro Patria directs its focus to the preservation of Switzerland’s unique cultural heritage.

Eichenberger Design created the “Pro Patria Stamps” (above) with 100 miniature motifs in heraldic silver and Swiss red to commemorate this milestone that illustrates a century of change in the country. Both anniversary stamps celebrate the 1 August badge: they trace a timeline of 100 years of social and cultural progress by depicting all of the previous 99 badges in chronological order, with the Swiss Cross set in the 100th spot, symbolizing a plus sign that points towards the future. The stamps symbolize diversity and unity within the nation and serve as a token of solidarity.

The two stamps display a combination of heraldic silver and Swiss red to form a historical document. In the past, funds from the 1 August badge sales went to social projects, education, the promotion of women in society, and other charitable initiatives. The money helps preserve Switzerland’s unique cultural heritage. This meaningful initiative is possible through the collaborative efforts of Swiss Post branches and volunteers – individuals, schools, and associations – who have been selling the badge for nearly a century.

These limited edition stamps are available at Swiss Post branches, and the proceeds go to Pro Patria. As such, these stamps represent a historic moment in Switzerland’s history and offer an easy and practical way for people to give back.

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Author: Graphis