Blending in With Nature and ADHD Awareness: New Talent 2023 Latest Entries

Mirrored in Nature

ArtCenter College of Design student Hyeji Lee‘s ambitious identity project for professor Annie Huang’s course centers on an immersive nature retreat called “ARCANA” (above) that lies just a few hours away from Toronto and sits hidden among the beauty of nature. Arcana offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the power of nature, providing them with a mirrored cabin that seamlessly blends in with the natural environment. 

The identity system for the retreat encompasses print, digital media, promotional, and collateral design for hospitality. His approach is inspired by the intrinsic qualities of Arcana and its ability to bring together people and nature. The logo concept is taken from the mirrored cabin and reflects the juxtaposition of urban and wild elements, thus helping Arcana to become one with its natural setting.

Lee’s unique branding and artistic direction for Arcana evoke organic, fresh aesthetics through close-ups, textural elements, and color contrasts such as vibrant lemon yellow and lush greens. The solution veers away from the mundane to create a modern feel in its identity touchpoints—digital experience, wayfinding, and branded materials—for an exquisite brand experience. Nature is at the core of Arcana’s character, with secondary hues furthering primary colors & reinforcing natural vibes. The fresh and contemporary visuals incorporate a mix of close-ups, textural elements, and colors showcasing pieces which depict the multitude of experiences. The identity personifies the essence and spirit of Arcana, and its color palette is essential to its aesthetic inspired by nature’s materials. The contrasting lemon-yellow accents and vibrant green lend a modern feel to the brand and separate it from other monotonous, earthy competitors. All identity touchpoints, such as the digital experience, wayfinding, and branded materials, were created to offer a superior and exquisitely crafted experience. Primary colors conjure contentment and harmony and combine with secondary hues to create a unique, relaxed experience. The secondary hues accentuate the primary colors, reinforcing feelings of calm and peace with the natural world. The logotype used for the “A” helps convey an ongoing connection between the cabins, nature, and guests, enabling them to rediscover the revitalizing power of nature. 

Hyeji Lee has designed a stunning identity system that is professional, aesthetically pleasing, and highly relevant to Arcana. His ability to blend contemporary and wild elements with the mirrored cabin concept creates an instantly recognizable brand integral to the experience. 

I’m Not Lazy, I Just Have ADHD!

Inez Olivera, a student at West Chester University, created a poster and other touchpoints for her assignment from professor Scotty Reifsnyder. Her project, “ATTN: ADHD Awareness Group” (above), centered around designing awareness materials to provide resources and support in overcoming the everyday challenges of living with ADHD. Not only is this design visually appealing, but it helps people understand what individuals are facing daily. Olivera’s work provides hope that there can be solutions and much-needed assistance when dealing with such difficulties!

Knowing that a poster campaign could significantly impact them, she devoted her energy to designing posters to make people more aware of this condition and identify themselves if they were undiagnosed. Even in such an enlightened era, though, many still unfairly link laziness as being synonymous with ADHD—showing how much understanding is lacking on the subject at hand. Determined to do something about it, Olivera created ATTN!, a mythical non-profit whose goal is to do meaningful work so everyone can have better education when talking about ADHD—leading them all down the path of healing treatment.

With a powerful combination of boldness and quirk, Olivera captures the attention of onlookers with her unique poster series. In stark black font paired with vibrantly rust-orange hues, stand words that hone in on symptoms those dealing with ADHD are more than familiar with: impulsive behavior, zero focus, and being forgetful. Her work serves as an urgent reminder for people to be aware when it comes to an understanding of this disorder.

Concluding, Olivera’s series of posters demonstrates an admirable level of creativity, boldness, and passion for spreading awareness about ADHD. Through meaningful aesthetic choices and powerful messaging, her work stands as an intricate reminder to those unfamiliar with the disorder regarding its symptoms. Though portraying those dealing with ADHD is not always so faithful or fair, Olivera has used her platform to challenge negative stigmas and push forward a more informed understanding.

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Author: Graphis