The Chair That’s Literally Impossible to Sit Still In: The sChaise Featured in Graphis Journal #367

Picture this: you’re sitting at your desk hunched forward over a screen, and you suddenly feel the urge to sit up straight. You realize that you’ve been sitting bent forward with stiff shoulders, feet that have fallen asleep, and your head sorely stuck downwards. No matter how often you straighten your back, relax your shoulders, and push away from the screen, it all seems to undo itself.

In 2012, after a meeting with the Observatoire des Médecines Non-Conventionnelles (OMNC), Smarin started to observe the ergonomic bad habits in our daily routines that contribute to physical wear and tear. Their research led to a series of body-conscious designs that used simple techniques to promote healthier “mechanical” use of the body and to develop self-awareness.

One of these designs is the sChaise, a therapeutic solution aimed at restoring healthy posture habits and improving blood circulation through ergonomic design. This chair works similarly to a bungee chair, with a round steel frame and elastic straps, creating a bouncing effect when you sit on it. These designs allow people to keep their heads up, shoulders relaxed, and feet flat without making conscious, temporary adjustments throughout the day.

In addition to providing comfort, the sChaise can be used as a mobility exercise tool in positions that are not physically harmful. Would you like to learn more about this? Using its YouTube channel, Smarin offers exercise videos featuring body gesture expert Lyse Gladieux, where you can learn how to perform the exercises and apply them to your workday.

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Author: Graphis