The Road to Adventure: Advertising 2023 Gold Winner

Art director Dena Mosti of 9Rooftops (USA) and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission embarked on an exciting campaign to bring attention to America’s first superhighway, winning Gold in Advertising 2023. With clever copywriting and creative tactics, they set out together on a mission to reframe the image of the Turnpike with their “Road To Adventure” campaign. In this blog, hear from Mosti on how these two powerhouse partners united in pursuit of excellence as they pay homage to the remarkable beauty that lies along The Turnpike.

By: Dena Mosti, 9Rooftops

“The Pennsylvania Turnpike, America’s first superhighway, wanted to feature the majesty of its roadway in a way that harkened back to tourism illustrations with a modern twist. Data showed that their roadway was the not only the safest, but quickest way to travel through the state. Another perk was the pure beauty one sees when driving to their destination—essentially the trip within the trip.  Using popular road trip sayings as well as lines speaking to the majestic vistas one would see while traveling, we created a beautifully-crafted, multi-seasonal poster/digital series. Featuring illustrations depicting famous Pennsylvania Turnpike views, the illustrative series truly captured the essence of one’s journey through the state.”

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Author: Graphis