Unveiling Fame.Inc.’s Distinctive Brand Identity

China’s DesignOut Lab shares its brand identity submission to the upcoming Design 2024 Awards, created for client “FAME.Inc.” (above). Designer YiFei Hu has crafted a distinctive design featuring the client’s beloved blue color as a key component of the brand identity. Join us as we delve into the artistic journey and showcase the outcome of their project.

DesignOut Lab Story

“My client had a clear vision for their brand: their favorite blue was to be used as the main color for Fame.Inc. With that in mind, I crafted a design system that showcases this stunning shade and truly embodies the essence of their brand.”

Logo Variations

“With a focus on visual representation, I aimed to create a diverse range of logotypes for Fame.Inc. My approach involves using a multi-form and flexible logotype system, showcasing the brand’s connection to a diverse range of fashion buyers and collections. The radial shapes extending from the dot symbolize Fame’s widespread recognition, while the color block area provides a creative platform for additional information to strengthen the brand’s communication with consumers.

“This logo system is highly versatile and can be endlessly combined and transformed through various typefaces, ensuring a highly unified brand image no matter how it is used. Get ready to see Fame.Inc.’s unique mark everywhere, standing out with its visual expression of versatility and individuality.”

Related Products

“The brand materials (packaging) were given a new twist with added interactivity. Consumers can personalize their purchases from Fame.Inc. by writing additional information, such as their name or date, in the color block area on the outer packaging or handbag. The product design includes bags, hang tags, and containers. This also transforms the packaging into a special greeting card, which is perfect for gifting to family or friends.”


“My proposal was met with enthusiasm, with the client simply saying “marvelous” upon presentation. To my delight, the first design draft was immediately approved without any further comments.”

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Author: Graphis