Tag: Photography Annual 2019

Graphis Master: Christopher Wilson’s Captivating Photography

Graphis Photography Master Christopher Wilson took a leap into photography and brought a wealth of knowledge with…

Photo: Photographers Parish Kohanim and Marc Safran’s Stunning Dance Photography

Capturing a dancer’s subtle glance or virtuosic jump can be a difficult skill to master, but these…

Photographer Howard Schatz Adds Dialog To Portaits On His Blog

Photographer Howard Schatz is interested in the lives behind his well lit figures Graphis Master Photographer Howard…

Photo: Intimate Portraits by Gold-Winner Jurek Wajdowicz and New Entrant Michael Schoenfeld

Portrait photography goes beyond a face in a frame. It reveals a glimpse into a character’s personal…

Photo: Gold-Winning Work by Jake Curtis & a New Entry by Todd Antony Transports You Into a Character’s Inner-World

Moments of reflection and personal space are captured to bring the viewer into a character’s mind.

Photo: Graphis Master Craig Cutler Shoots Lakeside While Jeffrey Milstein Takes to the Sky

Great photography allows us to see the world in ways that might otherwise be impossible

Photojournalism: Graphis Master Brent Stirton and Gold-Winner Debra Jansen Reveal Natural Habitats

Photojournalists are often under appreciated, but Graphis is committed to bringing their work to light. After all,…

Photo: Andrew Grinton & Stacey Brandford’s Photos are a Feast for the Eyes

Get inspired for Thanksgiving with these gorgeous shots and see below for a special Holiday book sale!

Graphis Master: Nick Knight Shares the Performance in His Process

Nick Knight’s Q&A in Issue 357 of the Graphis Journal gave readers a glimpse into why he…

Photo: New Entries Play With Perspective Lines to Showcase Products

Symmetry and perspective allow the eye to continuously discover elements with ease