Swoon-Worthy Purses + Flavor Full Chicken: Advertising 2022 Winners

Need to spice up your wardrobe or your diet? These two 2022 winners do their job in selling their products and making you want to try them!

Let your eyes can fawn over the elegant, Gossip Girl-Esque beauty of the “SWOONLUXE” campaign (above) for the brands’ handbags. Shot by fashion and architecture photographer Amyn Nasser, the purses are highlighted by rich backgrounds ranging from textured curtains and shiny metallics to inside a high-end restaurant, creating a nightlife socialite setting that fits the feeling of Swoonluxe to a T.

What makes the ads so appealing is a combination of smart design choices. Compared with many other print ads, this campaign is much more artistic; remove the Swoonluxe logos, and one could easily mistake the images to be close-up shots from an editorial spread or product still lives you could easily hang in your home. Another brilliant choice is the use of the models. Instead of not using them at all or going for full body shots, Nasser only captures a random limb and never the face, which lets female viewers imagine themselves as the model with the product. This goes a long way to, as Nasser says, “emphasizing the individuality, fierceness, and independence of the modern young woman who is style-conscious and on the go.”

What goes into fast food that makes it taste so good? “Hyperspace” (above), an advertisement created by American ad firm Tombras for the fast-food chain Zaxbys, gives us an idea with their 15-second commercial about their new General Tso’s sauce for their chicken products. While the title “Hyperspace” may seem odd since there’s no space setting, it fits in well with the commercial’s special effects. Once the customer takes a bite of sauce-covered chicken, we’re treated to a ‘hyperspace’ kaleidoscope of vibrant colors, electronic music, and moving shapes to depict the explosive flavors of all the ingredients. The funky visuals are a play on galaxies and hyper art styles to convey fast movement and an overwhelming need to taste the sauce. The actress herself also acts as a mode of emotive response, clearly pleased with the delicious flavor and making the viewer wonder what the sauce tastes like, increasing the chances they’ll try it themselves.

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Author: Graphis