Simple and Sweet: Design Annual 2022 Winners & 2023 Entries

As our Design 2023 Annual ramps up, let’s take a look at past winners and new entries to find some inspiration for the new annual to come!   

In the Swim” (above) is a Platinum award-winning 2022 entry, conceptualized by Trevett McCandliss and Nancy Campbell, two design vanguards associated with Wainscot Media. Although the piece initially began as an editorial cover for Footwear Plus Magazine, its impression on our judges in the 2022 Design Annual suggests its artistic evolution and skill set. The piece seamlessly bends typography to mimic the ripple of water, and at first glance its black, bold letters even seem to be moving along with the current. Couple a mastery of typography with an aesthetic pinboard reminiscent of Italian summers, and “In the Swim” is a perfect amalgamation of summertime and summer wear. 

On the other hand, “TSL Annual Report 2020/21” (above) is a new entry into our 2023 Design Annual. Conceptualized by Chan Chi Lung, Calvin Li Ching, and Chloe from Hong Kong-based design firm TSL Group Creative for client TSL Management Services Limited, the piece is an annual report for the firm that celebrates and embraces the inevitability of change. The designers explain that, “The only constant in life and in business is change. One can deny it or resist it, but those who succeed are those who accept it, embrace it, or better still, keep one step ahead of it.” With the slogan “Evolving for a new tomorrow” plastered on the report’s cover, the piece is a simple celebration of the future. And its professional, muted color palette and geometric composition make it a class A in design, boasting both the company’s progress and creativity. 

To submit your own entry into our Design 2023 Annual and possibly win an award, visit for more. 

Author: Graphis