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Prairie Chic by Trevett McCandliss & Nancy Campbell

From Prairie to Platinum: Trevett McCandliss & Nancy Campbell

When it comes to fashion photography and design, Footwear Plus Magazine’s “Prairie Chic” is a standout project….

Simple and Sweet: Design Annual 2022 Winners & 2023 Entries

As our Design 2023 Annual ramps up, let’s take a look at past winners and new entries…

Design: Award-Winning New York Designers Capture a Cultural Adage Like Few Others

These editorial spreads are a mesmerizing testament to modern design

Design: GQ and more from the Editorial Category

Under the direction of Fred Woodward, Designer John Muñoz of Condé Nast’s GQ created the above spread featuring…

Design Annual 2018: NYC

The Design Annual 2018 Competition has been extended! Anne Jordan and Mitch Goldstein (shown above) designed a book cover for Stanford University…

Typography 4: International CFE

Seth Gale and Brett Stenson of Jolby & Friends in Oregon, United States, designed the Typography above…