Typography 4: International CFE

Seth Gale and Brett Stenson of Jolby & Friends in Oregon, United States, designed the Typography above (left) for Hopworks Urban Brewery. Ken-Tsai Lee of KEN-TSAI LEE DESIGN LAB/TAIWAN TECH in Taiwan designed the Typographic poster above (right) for Corporate Synergy Development Center.


Trevett McCandliss and Nancy Campbell of McCandliss and Campbell in New York, U.S. designed the above spread for Footwear Plus Magazine.

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ARSONAL and FX from California, U.S. designed the above poster (left) for the FX series Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll. Daeki Shim and Hyojun Shim of DAEKI & JUN in South Korea designed the above poster (right) for the International Poster Invitation Exhibition/Beijing Design Week 2015.


Under the direction of Fred WoodwardGriffin Funk of Conde Nast’s GQ Magazine in New York, U.S. designed the above spread.

There is still time to submit to the Typography 4: Type in Use Competition, as well as the Typeface Design Competition! The deadline is January 24, 2017. Early entries get exposure on our blog!

Author: Graphis