Ride in Style: Graphis Journal #371 Products

As we all gradually shift into more sustainable ways of living, bicycles have risen as a primary alternative of transportation and exercise. Our upcoming Graphis Journal #371 (available for preorder) features two of the industry’s latest models, both jaw-dropping for their innovative design that’ll leave you riding in style. 

Our first feature is the Wool Bike by Parisian designer Gaëtan Francq (above, left and below), who conceptualized his novel creation while having spaghetti for dinner. The bike features a single bar that curls around its seat tube, with its frame made from thermally hardened aluminum. The bike’s pieces were also all made to be removable, allowing consumers to customize and manually build up the bike of their dreams. But while the vehicle is packed with impressive features like a built-in GPS system, perhaps its most awe worthy quality is its removable container made to fit a bottle of wine. Whether you’re on your way to dinner or a night out, the Wool Bike is the optimal transportation for carrying the party with you.

The bicycle’s incredible features aren’t surprising when looking at its designer’s illustrious history. Francq has a robust career in design, from his beginning as a student at the Strate Design School in Paris to his works for renowned names like TF1, Sacha Lakic Design, and his opening of his own multidisciplinary design studio. He’s an icon of the field and is surely bound to create even more incredible works in the future! 

Similarly, Italy’s Adriano Design Studio also conceptualizes a unique bicycle for gym-goers, with their Fuoripista Bike (top, right) redefining what it means to own a stationary bicycle. Originally established in 1997 by Davide and Gabriele Adriano, the Adriano Design Studio is renowned for their groundbreaking work, having won numerous awards and prestigious allocations, including the Golden Compass of ADI, the IF Product Design Award, and the 2011 and 2013 Design Plus Award. 

The studio’s decorated history becomes lucidly clear when looking at their new project, with the Fuoripista Bike promising a new world of vehicle design. The bike is made from tempered glass, most notably its wheels, and painted beech, starkly straying away from the usual metal and foam bikes are made from. The entire design pays tribute to the bull, the symbol of Turin (the Italian city in which the studio was founded), with its leather handlebars sweeping back like horns. Moreover, the entire bike is mounted to emulate a bull’s stance, pairing avant-garde design with practical functionality. Building off its design, the bike is also connected to Elite’s My E-Training software, allowing users to choose any cycling program while working out in style. 

To read more about both bikes, pre-order Graphis Journal #371 at graphis.com

Author: Graphis