Seung Min Han’s Rabbit Design and Matthew Clark’s Baseball Stamps Celebrate the East and the West!

Korean graphic designer and fine art illustrator, Seung Min Han, submits his above work, “Positive Movement – Spirit of Joy (Rabbit),” to the Graphis Design Annual 2021. His piece incorporates the graphical mixture of Korean and Western materials that have the characteristics of “positivity” or “joy.” He combines these into a blended circular pattern to form the shape of a rabbit, resulting in a colorful and pleasant design. Seung Min Han, while teaching design at Hansung University, is a consistent Platinum Award winner in our competitions including the New Talent Annual 2020, and our Design Annuals.

From Canada, Matthew Clark, Creative Director and Designer of Subplot Design, enters his above 6-part series of custom shaped stamps. “Asahi” commemorates the Vancouver Asahi baseball team for Canada Post. The stamp shows a baseball with a team photo overlaying the leather material and stitching. Included with the stamps is a collector’s cover that outlines the team’s history and their significance as a Japanese-Canadian team. This is another example of how Clark and Subplot are able to take a simple concept such as a stamp, and turn it into a memorable piece of design.

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