Graphis Master: Michael Pantuso’s Distinct Logos and Designs are Unmistakable

Michael Pantuso, is a graphic designer and artist from the United States who has successfully found the balance between client work and personal creativity. He founded his studio, Michael Pantuso Design, in 1990 in order to create relationships and work with corporate clients and advertising agencies, all while exhibiting his own art internationally.

One of Pantuso’s major projects has been his “Mechanical Integrations” designs. In this personal work that he developed over a few years, he combines nature with mechanical objects, and graphic design with illustration. “Cicada(above, left) is one of those pieces, which won Platinum in our Graphis Design Annual 2018. “Eagle” (above, right), won Platinum in Design 2019, and was commissioned by EagleRail Container Corporation for their corporate headquarters.

“Octopus” (above) is another work from his mechanical series. Each piece was only made available in limited edition, fine art prints. Some of these were given to exhibitions and private art collectors. The designs depict a connection between nature and technology, as the animal or insect, and mechanical parts are clearly different but carry out the same function within two objects.

Pantuso has been exhibited and published around the world, including Graphis Journal #357, and has won numerous awards, most recently winning Gold in the Design Annual 2020. His versatility when creating logos, brand identities, has made him very successful in his craft.

Check out more of his impressive work in his Graphis Master Portfolio.

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