Promoting Texas Gulf Seafood: The Success of Hahn’s Consumer Awareness Campaign

Texas is renowned for its beef and BBQ, but what about its seafood? The Texas Department of Agriculture recognized the need to promote four Texas Gulf seafood commodities—shrimp, blue crab, oysters, and finfish—to general seafood consumers across the state. The goal was to educate consumers about the quality and freshness of Texas Gulf seafood and to drive traffic to the website, The task was handed over to the advertising agency Hahn, to create a consumer awareness campaign that would make a difference.

Hahn’s Approach

Hahn’s team engaged in extensive research to determine the target audience in Texas and what motivated consumers when purchasing seafood. This research helped the firm develop a campaign that spoke directly to the target audience, associating Texas Gulf seafood with quality and freshness. The campaign features a delightfully tranquil blend of ocean hues that perfectly capture the essence and beauty of each product. The brand concept, “Fresh Outta Texas,” was created to appeal to the target audience and instill a sense of Texas pride through imagery and copywriting.

Successful Results

Hahn designed four two-page print ads, each representing one of the four Texas Gulf seafood commodities. The print ad published in Texas Monthly has already received numerous QR code scans, directing consumers to Texas Gulf’s website. The campaign will continue to reach its target audience through several publications, including Texas Highways and the AAA Travel Guide.

Hahn’s consumer awareness campaign on behalf of the Texas Department of Agriculture has successfully promoted Texas Gulf seafood as a quality and fresh choice for seafood consumers in the state through the brand concept “Fresh Outta Texas.” The client’s positive feedback and the campaign results show that Hahn’s research and team effort have paid off, making a significant impact in promoting Texas Gulf seafood and reeling in a coveted Graphis Advertising 2023 Silver award.

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Author: Graphis