Glory Days Grill NFL Kickoff Game Promotion

Ready for some football and free beer? PPK‘s award-winning advertising campaign for Glory Days Grill’s ‘NFL Kickoff Game Promotion‘ was sure to excite fans for the season. Creative director and copywriter Michael Schillig takes us through the process of developing the eye-catching poster featuring a Buccaneer and a Cowboy battling it out for a pint of beer. Despite being unable to use NFL team logos, PPK’s unique image and fun approach resonated with fans from both sides resulting in increased restaurant traffic and sales. The campaign earned PPK a Gold Award at the Graphis Advertising 2023 competition. So, grab yourself a cold one and settle in as we dive into the story behind PPK’s award-winning, beer-themed advertising campaign.

By: Michael Schillig, Creative Director/Copywriter, PPK, USA

“PPK’s assignment was to increase traffic at Glory Days Grill for the opening game of the NFL season between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys. Fortunately, Glory Days gave us a great offer to wrap our creative around. That is, a FREE beer for every fan.

“Through this particular poster, we wanted to create some real excitement for the opening game and the FREE beer promotion. Since we weren’t allowed to show NFL team logos, we developed our own images of a buccaneer and a cowboy battling for the ultimate prize—a beer. We shot the pirate hook hand and rope around the pint glass to bring this truly eye-catching image to life and made this visual the undeniable hero and focal point of the ad. We also emphasized the time and date and let the copy speak to how everyone could focus on the game instead of their glass since every fan would get a FREE beer.

“Our client (Glory Days Grill) loved this unique image and fun approach. They thought it was the perfect way to play up the free beer promotion in a competitive, good-spirited manner that would resonate with fan bases from both the Buccaneers and Cowboys. Glory Days Grill subsequently used the vibrant image in a variety of ways—from posters and counter cards to social media ads, in-store digital videos, e-blasts, and more. It certainly caught customers’ attention and must have excited them since it led to an increase in traffic at the restaurant and a boost in sales.

“The poster also caught the eye of several Graphis judges since PPK grabbed a coveted Graphis Advertising 2023 Gold Award.”


·       Agency Owner/CEO: Tom Kenney

·       President: Garrett Garcia

·       Executive Creative Director: Paul Prato

·       Creative Director: Michael Schillig

·       Copywriter: Michael Schillig

·       Creative Director: Javier Quintana

·       Art Director: Javier Quintana

·       Photographer: Patrick Guyer

·       Account Supervisor: Courtney Babic

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Author: Graphis