Poster: New Entry From Youhei Ogawa, and Winning Work by ARSONAL, Daeki & Jun, and Chemi Montes

The latest entry for the Poster Annual 2021 comes from Japan. Youhei Ogawa submits their entry titled, “Hitokuzu (Kanemasa)” (above, left). The poster is for a Japanese movie of the same name. The font of the poster expresses the dark elements of the film through the red type. Youhei Ogawa designs an unsettling poster that establishes a hellish atmosphere.

Winning Gold for the Poster Annual 2020 competition is U.S design firm, ARSONAL, with their entry “Animal Kingdom S3” (above, right). ARSONAL was looking for intense and bold imagery to fit the energetic and fierce nature of the show. As the warm and cool colors contrast, it helps viewers visualize fire without seeing it. ARSONAL designs a poster that conveys danger in an intriguing way.

Daeki & Jun from South Korea wins Silver for their entry of a poster promoting a solo exhibition. Entitled “Afterimage” (above, left), the exhibition promotes the work of artist Gayoun Kim. The visual of the hashtag is prevalent throughout her abstract paintings and theme of afterimages. Daeki & Jun creatively incorporate the hashtag as it seems to disappear into a memory.

Winning Silver for their entry titled “B-List Composers” (above, right), is Chemi Montes from the U.S. The poster promotes a classical concert featuring music from well-known composers that are anything but “B-list.” The concert features composers whose names start with the letter B such as Beethoven. Chemi Montes has fun with the poster design, adding a bee to further compliment the recurring theme of b’s.

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