Packaging: New Entries from WWAVE Design and The Rare Form

WWAVE Design from Macao submits their entry to the Packaging 10 competition. Entitled, “YAN YAN FANG Package” (above), the 7-part series reinvents a brand image for edible bird’s nest brand, Yanyan Fang in China. The packaging includes a visually appealing color palette and a simple but modern box design. WWAVE Design means to cater to a new, younger generation with its reimagining of an old-fashioned brand.

The latest entry comes from The Rare Form from the U.S. Their 7-part series titled “EVOLVh Eco-Luxe Haircare” (above) is a refreshing design for EVOLVh’s exo-luge hair care line. The designs for shampoo bottles, lotions, and packaging includes nature-inspired colors and patterns to go along with the organic ingredients of the brand. The Rare Form creates a clean and simple design that stands out on a shelf.

Take the opportunity to submit your best packaging designs to the Packaging 10 Competition!

Author: Graphis

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