Graphis Master Michael Gericke Is a Master of Graphics and Three-Dimensional Design

Michael Gericke has been a long-time graphic designer and has helped in constructing long-lasting brand identities within various industries. He has worked with design firm Pentagram since 1985, designing for architecture, media and entertainment, and many more. Some of his clients include Pepsi; Museums such as The Smithsonian and the Guggenheim; Rockefeller Center; and CBS.

His work “AIA New York” (above, left), was created for the American Institute of Architects, which awarded him for his contributions to the design industry and his innovative work. The “Arizona Cardinals Stadium, Environmental Graphics” (above, right), serves as an example of his exemplary work with three-dimensional graphics. Michael Gericke’s structural work makes his clients instantly recognizable and makes good use of the environment around it.

Featured above is his work “Pepsi @ the Super Bowl – Mega Environmental Sculpture & Graphics” which won Gold in the Advertising Annual 2015 competition. The graphic identity for Pepsi at the Super Bowl can’t be missed with its Pepsi-inspired bottle structures. The iconic Pepsi logo and colors can be clearly seen and is a focal point for the stadium.

Michael Gericke proves his status as a Graphis Master as he makes sure to capture the essence of a brand while transforming ideas so that several visual statements can be found within a simple image or design. He is continually lauded by his high-end clients and professionally awarded for his exceptional design work.

Check out more of Michael Gericke’s designs in his Graphis Master Portfolio.

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