Graphis Master Designer João Machado Featured in Graphis Journal Issue #362

João Machado is an awarded graphic designer based in Portugal who specializes in poster, logo, and packaging design. As a designer, he knows the importance of making his work stand apart from his peers. His signature style is instantly recognizable; the color work is distinct, and his smooth and clean illustrated work is clear and catches the eyes of onlookers.

Featured above are two of his award-winning work “Cinanima” (above, left) which won Silver in the Poster Annual 2014, and “Zoo” (above, right) which won Gold in the Poster Annual 2017. Both posters make use of vivid hues and illustrations that encourage the eye to wander around the image. “Zoo,” like much of his recent work, raises awareness for social-political and environmental issues.

More of his work is featured above. Posters created for his individual exhibitions (above, right) and 3 De Maio (above, left).

João Machado was interviewed for Journal Issue #362. In his Q&A, he answered questions about how he gets inspired and what he finds most demanding about his work. Here’s an excerpt below:

Where do you seek inspiration?

There are so many and so very extraordinarily inspiring subjects, places, sounds, images… even in the little things of everyday life.

What part of your work do you find most demanding?

Definitely, the poster because of my need to never repeat myself. Creation has to be constant. The more complex the project, the more challenging it becomes.

See more of João Machado’s design work in his Graphis Master Portfolio, and read his full Q&A in Journal Issue #362.

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