Poster: New Entry from Howard Schatz and Winning Work by EGGRA and Cold Open

The latest entry for the Poster Annual 2021 competition comes from designer Howard Schatz from the U.S. Entitled “Eddie Adams Workshop XXIX” (above), the image is of an American flag made up of multiple portraits of people who are involved in the Eddie Adams Workshop for photography. The collage of faces are hard to miss even when they are draped in the colors of the stripes. Howard Schatz displays how the people taking part in the workshop are a diverse and passionate group.

From Macedonia, design firm EGGRA wins Gold for their entry to the Poster Annual 2020 with “Skupi Theater Festival” (above, left). The poster features a large key in the shape of a saw with a heart for a key handle. The image serves as a promotion for the film festival that takes place in Skupi every year, highlighting the festival’s purpose which is to break down barriers with love. EGGRA conveys their client’s mission with a simple image of a key.

Cold Open wins Silver with their entry titled, “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” (above, right). The poster is for the Disney film of the same name and features all of the main characters on one colorful image. The colors immediately stand out, and the symmetrical design and placement of the characters successfully engage viewers. Cold Open creates a poster that sets the tone of the film and catches attention.

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