New Talent: New Entries from University Students Yebin Chung and Courtney Jacobs

For the New Talent Annual 2020 Competition, Yebin Chung and Instructor Brad Bartlett submit their seven-part series from Art Center College of Design. Entitled “Valiz Publisher Rebranding” (above), Chung designs a new look for the publishing company, Valiz. Valiz publishing consists of contemporary art, socio-political, and urban affairs, among others. The design is modern and professional and made to go on bags, tape, posters, and other merchandising. Yebin Chung’s hard clean lines and bold colors give Valiz Publishing a memorable and recognizable brand image.

From Miami Ad School at Portfolio Center, student Courtney Jacobs submits her seven-part series titled, “Nike IX Woman’s Athletic Club” (above). With the support of Instructor Brooke Southerland, Jacobs designs a brand and packaging campaign for a Nike’s IX Women’s club. She designs the logo, membership boxes, and a space for the athletes to feel empowered and network with other female athletes. The welcoming box creatively opens in a wing-like fashion to relate back to the goddess Nike. Courtney Jacobs creates a concept that brings inventive packaging design to the forefront

The New Talent Competition is closing! ONE DAY remaining to submit your best student work, ENTER HERE.

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