Adv: Platinum-winning work by PPK,USA, and Gold-Winning Entries from FBC Design

For the Advertising Annual 2020 competition, design firm PPK, USA wins Platinum for their entry “Father’s Day Tool Fish” (above). The poster advertises the special promotion event for Father’s Day that The Florida Aquarium was hosting for that weekend. The design for the poster utilizes tools that are most often associated with fathers and constructs them in the shape of a fish. With attention-grabbing visuals, PPK, USA creates a distinct concept and image that is memorable and thinks outside of the box, much like its tagline.

FBC Design wins Gold for their entries “Lucifer Season 3 – ‘Devil Winged Chair from Hell’” (above, left) and “Empire Season 5 – ‘Out Come the Wolves’” (above, right). FBC’s design for Lucifer is as playfully sinister as the show. The designers entice viewers into watching another season with a tongue-in-cheek tone as the character sits carefree on a throne that’s on fire. The advertisement for Empire gives viewers an idea of the kind of mood season 5 will bring. The poster creates suspense with the visual of the main characters being surrounded by wolves. FBC Design creates a bold and intriguing image without the use of striking colors to pull viewers in.

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