New Talent: New Entries from Students Chrisann Kim and Giselle Marquez

From Portland Community College, student Chrisann Kim submits her entry to the New Talent Annual 2020 with the support of Instructor Nathan Savage. Entitled “The Rise of the Incredible Edible Insect” (above), the spread is for an article written by Brooke Borel. The design successfully integrates Kim’s imagery with the title of the article. The ‘honey type’ connects with the honeycomb ice cream cone, while the bees call back to ‘edible insect’. Kim creates a tasteful design that is colorful and engages readers with the article.

Giselle Marquez and Instructor Theron Moore from California State University, Fullerton submit their entry titled, “Kronicle Coffee” (above). She designs innovative packaging for her coffee shop that has a newspaper concept. To go along with the theme of the shop, she designs the packaging with an accordion box structure to mimic the way that newspapers are delivered. With her entry, Giselle Marquez presents a unique idea for a signature brand image.

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Author: Graphis

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