Poster: Gold and Silver-Winning work by ARSONAL and Ted Wright, Plus New Entry from Stark Designs

ARSONAL wins Gold for their entry to the Poster Annual 2020 competition. Entitled “The Man in the High Castle S3” (above, left), they submitted their poster for the TV series of the same name. Taking the change of tone in the series’ third season into account, the designers took a more positive and hopeful approach compared to the posters for prior seasons. ARSONAL intrigues viewers with imagery that takes a bleak, dark symbol, and turns it into one that represents peaceful rebellion.

For the Poster Annual 2021, Stark Designs submits their entry titled “Manhattan Poster” (above, right). Designed by Jamie Stark, this poster was originally a contribution to the ‘When You Think of Home’ Project. Through the overhead perspective as the city bulges out, Stark represents all of the loud and overwhelming qualities of Manhattan.

Winning Silver for the Poster Annual 2020 Competition is Ted Wright with his humorous submission “Tiny Tight Pants Texas Ted Birthday Announcement” (above). Celebrating the 60th birthday of designer Ted Wright, the poster features various types of fonts and an old-fashioned western style. Ted Wright displays an ability to create a well-designed poster that has fun with itself.

Take the opportunity to submit your best work to the Poster Annual 2021 Competition!

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