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Entry Title: “Glamure” | Advertising Annual 2014

For the upcoming Advertising Annual 2014 competition, omdr Co., Ltd. submitted some of their best work that deserves recognition. Titled “Glamure” for client MTG Co., Ltd., the series features brilliant colors and crisp images. Creative director Osamu Misawa and designer Tasuku Matsumura collaborated on the project to create the best advertising campaign possible.

omdr Co., Ltd. was established by Osamu Misawa in 1998 as Beauty Sawa Osamu Design Office. In 2008, with the help of Art Director Mamoru Takeuchi, the company was recreated as omdr Co., Ltd. The goal of this advertising agency was to promote production sales utilizing their rebranding skills and design expertise.

President Osamu Misawa graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 1992. He has created advertising campaigns for NEC, Apple, and the NBA All Star Game. When Misawa worked for the advertising agency Bates Worldwide, he dealt with companies such as Suzuki, where he helped to produce their Team Lucky Strike campaign.

Some of omdr Co., Ltd.’s clients include ACE Insurance, IDEA, NBA, COCOSHNIK, Issey Miyake Inc., and YAME Dome Hall. The company has previously been recognized by Graphis in the Advertising Annual 2013, Design Annual 2013, Design Annual 2014, and the Poster Annual 2014.

To submit your work to the Advertising Annual 2014 competition, click here. Don’t wait! The final deadline for entry submissions is July 30th.

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Entry Title: COCOSHNIK 2012 A/W | Award: Gold | Advertising Annual 2013
omdr Co., Ltd. 3
Entry Title: “PROUD editorial” | Design Annual 2014
Author: Kayla Harris for Graphis

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