New Talent: South Korean Students Up the Ante With These Eye-Popping Works

It seems South Korea is creating a bevy of talented individuals, ones who are poised to break into the design and advertising world

Students have a burning passion to push the forefront of design. At least, the good ones do. That’s how industries constantly change, evolving into the best form of themselves—they embrace the new generation, for anything new and bold is refreshing for the stalwarts of any given industry. And the same can be said of advertising and design.
Professor Marvin Lee and student Sol Bi Doo of Hongik University clearly put in the extreme time and effort to create their adult-oriented children’s games, entitled Kidult Tarot (ABOVE). The Gold award-winning project was inspired by Tarot cards and similarly stylized game systems. Astrologically inspired and intricately designed, Professor Lee and Sol Bi Doo have outdone themselves with this mesmerizing work.
Equally interesting was Professor Hoon-Dong Chung, who assisted students Jonghoon Kim and Taeyul Ko of Dankook University with their Silver award-winning speculative work for Durex (ABOVE). In their own words, the team explained, “The hulk has tremendous destructive power. However, the safety of Durex is better than the Hulk’s.” With a humorous approach and a well-thought out design, Chung and his students have outdone themselves in creating a tantalizing advertisement that will surely leave Durex wondering why their team didn’t think of it first.
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Author: Graphis