Design: These Stunning British Works Are a Testament to Great Design

These wondrous designers from the United Kingdom push the boundaries of Design and bring the old into the new

Much like the rest of the Western world, Great Britain has a long tradition of a consumerist culture. After all, the notion of economics was envisioned by Scottish economist Adam Smith back in the mid-18th century. Propagating the idea of the “invisible hand,” Smith and his contemporaries often argued for a free-market approach that would be kept alive by innate principles of supply and demand. Indeed, that tradition is alive and well today. But Design certainly has had a lot to do with sprucing up the admittedly dry adage.
Carin Standford of Shotopop has indeed done a stellar job of creating a near flawless piece of design. Using cascading pages that are intricately detailed, Standford’s work for Beaufort Bar at the Savoy (ABOVE) is quite simply a masterpiece. It is obvious that the designer worked tirelessly to create such a complex and beautiful menu, one in which each drink or item pops off the menu with such style and substance, that one would imagine this be a coffee table book and not a menu. It’s no wonder that it is a Platinum winner.

Similarly tantalizing is Stuart Morey and Victoria Anderson’s Silver award-winning work for Arriva, entitled From Transport giant to Mobility Partner (ABOVE). The WPA Pinfold designers created a light-hearted, alluring design that would be non-threatening and inviting. With a sky-blue hue and an insignia that resembles a 1950’s atom design, Morey and Anderson’s design is one that certainly brings their client into the future.
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Author: Graphis