New Talent Annual 2014 Platinum Winner Spotlight: Students Sooyoung Jeon and Rina Joonwon Lee

Professor: Bill Oberlander | Students: Sooyuong Jeon and Rina Joonwon Lee 

Sooyoung Jeon and Rina Joonwon Lee — Scotch Lint Roller

Sooyoung Jeon and Rina Joonwon Lee, students of Bill Oberlander, a professor at the
School of Visual Arts
, worked together to create “Scotch Lint Roller” advertisements that received a Platinum award in the New Talent Annual 2014Additional Platinum winning Professors from New York include Paul Sahre, Shawn Hasto, Carin Goldberg, Nic Taylor and Louise Fili. Their students are Sherry Hsin-Ting Kuo, Ben Grandgenett, Dominika Kramerova and Ella Laytham. 

New Talent Annual 2013 | Professor Frank Anselmo | School of Visual Arts | USANEW TALENT NEW YORKStudents: Donna Kwon, Rina Joonwon Lee                Students: Bryan Hyung Ahn, Josh Fiebig        

Oberlander, who claims to be in the reinvention business, not the advertising business, has worked on numerous impressive advertising campaigns, including Snapple, Intel, Target, Nikon and Motorola, among others.

Sooyoung Jeon and Rina Joonwon Lee decided they wanted to place an outside print advertisement somewhere business people pass everyday. They explained their thought process in the credits & commentary section of the New Talent Annual 2014:

Business people are busy and they don’t have time to look at ads and read the message on the street, so we tried to be [as] simple as possible so that people can quickly understand the message. We created two simple billboards that show how the product works by using its surrounding. We made the billboard’s pole a giant Scotch Lint roller to catch people’s eye, then used each side as to sow before and after.

Oberlander and his team received a Gold award in Advertising Annual 2007 for “Kate,”‘ an advertisement for Nikon. To view more of Oberlander’s work, check out his website. To check out more work by Jeon, click here. To view more work by Lee, click here.

Other Platinum award-winning schools in the New Talent Annual 2014 include
Woodbury University, The Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków and The Art Institute of Atlanta.

The Graphis New Talent Competition features the most compelling and influential design of the year. Gold and Platinum awards, along with winning entries, will be published in the
New Talent Annual 2015. To submit your work to the New Talent Annual 2015 competition, 
click here
. To pre-order the New Talent Annual 2014, click here.

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