New Graphis Master: Bailey Lauerman Ad Agency, Featured in Journal #359

Mid-western Advertising agency Bailey Lauerman has a straightforward approach. They deliver clean, beautiful campaigns to major clients that happen to reside somewhere between the two coasts.

One of our newest Graphis Masters is advertising agency Bailey Lauerman. As a small independent agency with offices in Nebraska and California, they focus on growing markets and clients that have been overlooked due to their geographic position between the East and West coasts. Bailey Lauerman was also recently featured in Graphis Journal #359, where their Chairman/Chief Creative Officer, Carter Weitz offered insights for a Q&A. He told Graphis, “I often think about ideation as being like archeology. It’s the belief that the amazing idea is always buried under the surface someplace. You just have to know where to dig and that’s where data, account planning, and strategy is so helpful. And you have to accept that the idea may very well be buried far beneath the surface and that you’re going to need to dig for quite a while to reach it. Brew some strong coffee and find a quiet room.” We couldn’t have put it better, and it is personal approaches like these that make the collective approach at Bailey Lauerman so valuable.

Bailey Lauerman has had many valuable clients including Bosch, Kendall, AMC and ConAgra Foods (ABOVE). Their work speaks for itself and proves that an independent agency in the Midwest can have a strong impact on the growing markets in the United States.

For more on Bailey Lauerman and many other inspiring agencies, order Graphis Journal, Issue #359 here. All print issues come with a free digital copy!

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