Poster: New Entries by Kit Hinrichs, Rose Design UK, Natasha Rethke, Patrice Liu & Florencio Zavala

Exciting, new poster entries are coming in every day from designers and agencies all over the world!

When it comes to poster design, the possibilities for strong messaging is unlimited. In a recent submission to the Poster Annual 2020 Competition, Kit Hinrichs (Studio Hinrichs) provided “Tolerance,” (ABOVE, LEFT) a powerful design in which he hoped to “demonstrate a divergent portrait of global mankind,” where “a selection of ethnic and photographic elements were combined into one unified version of tolerance.” The poster is instantly memorable and carries his stylistic signature with the use of various strips of images brought together. Another great new submission by Rose Design UK called “ENO Autumn 2018” (ABOVE, RIGHT) was created for the English National Opera and hoped to make opera more accessible to the public by leading with the story of the opera and a strong visual. The approach certainly paid off, as they related the following results to us: “The Autumn 2018 season saw an increase of 40.5% in ticket sales year on year compared to the Autumn 2017 season.”


Natasha Rethke’s latest submission, “Cape Air: Connecting The Caribbean, Hurricane” (ABOVE, LEFT) displayed how Cape Air had been vital during Hurricanes Maria and Irma. Its graphics are strong and inform the viewer with precise locations of operation. Another poster created for an airline was “Creativity Is In The Air” (ABOVE, RIGHT) for EVA Air by Patrice Liu and Florencio Zavala. The visuals are bold and reflect the motto and the company’s brand colors. The designers stated that their campaign resulted in a “2.3 percent sales uplift.” These results, like the other posters we’ve seen, are an indispensable part of their client’s strategies. We’re excited to see more as we get closer to our deadline for Poster Annual 2020!

Submit to the Poster Annual 2020 Competition by February 12, 2019! Winners will have the opportunity to see their work published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms!

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