New Advertising Talent Features Innovation and Culture

Sam Luo, a student under the tutelage of Professor Mel White at Syracuse University, presents a series of innovative ads for Volkswagen’s new e-Golf. E-Golf is the brand’s new all electric-powered car. Luo’s ad series, The New e-Golf (above), seeks to bring attention to the introduction of electric power to the vehicle by featuring the car’s remote keys in the center of a plain background with a plug, lightbulb, and battery attached.

From the Miami Ad School comes new German talent Seine Kongruangkit, Riya Dosani, and Yamen Emad under the supervision of professor Niklas Frings-Ruppsudarshan Waghmare. The students recreate the classic Miller beer design and instills it with cultural flair from around the globe with their project, Miller Beer – Genuine Dance (above). The bottles, cans, and apparel all feature the Miller logo in bold white type and swirling blue, purple, and yellow colors reminiscent of a the-dye style. The design encourages Hispanic and African communities who have immigrated to the US to dance remember their cultural roots by integrating Instagram AR filters and scannable codes with music.

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