Craft Beer Packaging and Water Marketed to Babies are Brought to the Packaging 10 Competition

Designer Chris Cox was tasked with creating a distinctive, eye-catching label for the Amarillo Roadhouse Brewery. Cox, working with his team from DLR Agency, intended for the label to be both attention-grabbing and memorable. When looking to buy a case of beer, no one can deny that the choices seem to be near-to endless; to counteract being just another name and label in the bunch, Cox made sure to use bold graphics to make an immediate attention grab. 

Texas-pride was a key component to this design; with that in mind, Cox and his team decided to craft their design, titled, “Amarillo Roadhouse Brewery,”(above) to be a modern interpretation of Route 66. Vintage signs and graphics as well as eclectic artwork were all brought together to create Amarillo Roadhouse Brewery’s beautiful and unique label. 

In complete contrast, designers Tiger Pan and Yahui Wang designed both the label and shape of the container for their,(above) “Tavina – Baby Water.” This packaging design is for Tavina, a high-end product with its water imported from Italy. This new water made for newborns is a startup in the Chinese market. The brand is positioned as a high-end one with trustworthy quality. Tavina Baby Water is bottled into a one liter glass so the shape of the container is key to the product appearance. 

The shape was inspired by Mother Theresa, whose pictures of cuddling a kid can be seen often even now. The idea is to build up an emotional connection with mothers, conveying a sense of humanity and selfless love. Universally the most common consolation is to hug. And the most comforting act is held in the arms of mothers. Hugging enables babies to meet the need of skin contact, which calms them down and enhances their security. The modeling measurements are made carefully so that the shape turns out to be both aesthetic and functional. The grooves from the cap to the body lead to a streamlined bottle, and they also allow mother’s hands of any size to grasp steadily and easily.

Enter your unique drink labels to the Packaging 10 Competition!

Deadline: December 1, 2020!!

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