Logo Design 9 Spotlight Submissions: Japan

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The Graphis Logo Design 9 Competition just received three logos from Japan, shown above.

1. Atsushi Shibuya created a logo for KAI-care&support center in order to promote their offer of a friendly and welcoming environment for people with intellectual disabilities. For more information on this logo, click here.

2. Hiroyuki Nakamura designed a logo series for RE-NOBLE CONSULTING, a real-estate agency, in order to promote their new brand which provides “Any Real Estate You Want.” For more information on this logo series, click here. 

3. Kei Sato designed a logo series for Recruit Lifestyle Co., Ltd. in order to promote their program, BONFIRE, which provides an atmosphere in which people can talk honestly. For more information about this logo series, click here. 

Other submissions from Japan include logos from design firms such as WATCH Inc., Happy and Happy Inc. and Design Horse Co., Ltd. To see more logos from all of these designers, visit the Logo Design 9 Competition page.

Also from Japan are a few logos (below) submitted to Logo Design 8 by Toshihiro Onimaru from Graphics & Designing Inc., for his clients WORLD CO.,LTD. (4.), HI Corporation (5.) and SUN QUEST CO.,LTD. (6.).

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For more information on credits and to see a variety of other logo designs from around the world, visit the Graphis Logo Design Competition page. We encourage you to submit your best work of the year. Click here for the entry form.

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