Poster Annual 2017 International Spotlight Submissions: Portugal

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Graphis Master João Machado, based in Portugal, continues to produce first-rate posters. Above are two of some of his submissions to the 2017 Poster Annual Competition. “The Portrait” (left) was created for Bienal International del Cartel en Mexico and “Sonia Delaunay 130” (right) was made for Association 4 Block. To view more of his work, click here.

Here are other designers from Portugal with award-winning work in Graphis: Nuno Duarte Martins, Sergio AlvesRicardo GomesRui Silva, Antonio Cruz, Ana Simões and Eduardo Aires. See below.

Designer: Nuno Duarte Martins | Client: Portuguese League of Professional Football | Portugal

A Gold Award-winner in the 2014 Design Annual, Nuno Duarte Martins designed “Trophy–Portuguese League Cup” (above) for the Portuguese League of Professional Football.

Designer: Sergio Alves, Ricardo |   Designer: Ana Simões |                Designer: Antonio Cruz |         Gomes, Rui Silva |                          Art Director: Eduardo Aires |         Client: Instituto Superior de   Client: Festival Caminhos do          Client: Bitri                                     Engenharia do Porto               Cinema Portugues

Graphis Gold Award-winning designers in the 2016 Poster Annual Competition, Sergio Alves, Ricardo Gomes and Rui Silva created “Caminhos” (left) for Festival Caminhos do Cinema Portugues. Ana Simões and Eduardo Aires collaborated on “Every Bottle Has a Secret” (center), which also won a Gold Award in the 2014 Design Annual Competition, for Bitri. Antonio Cruz designed his “WIOO” (right) for his client, Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto.

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